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Divine Crocodile: Poems From The Self

ByJim Govoni

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Why do I write poetry? I write to bring out the Divine Crocodile within me. A creature emerging from the waters of my unconscious to bask on my ego’s shore. A strange visitor I must befriend in order to achieve an understanding of myself. A self in my closing years. A self embracing the wholeness of pain and joy. A self that accepts, through a felt sense, all things are impermanent and eternal. A self swept up in a stream of feelings and thoughts constantly changing. Feelings and thoughts that are mysterious and real. An embracement with equanimity to the where, what, how and why things are what they are. Poetry became my necklace of words bringing a felt sense to the meanings learned and blurred by life’s pleasures, challenges, fears and commitments. Poetry often contains reflections on the question “What if?” that for me is born of quiet gratitude and resolve as well as anger and regret. It is a self telling of stories through verbal images. Images that can be seductive and meaningful, but in the end, like a symbol, a mystery that is never completely understood. I have divided this book into three chapters. The first chapter of this book, Love Stains: To Those I Love, Loved and Lost, is a homage to the special persons in my life who are part of who I am. The second chapter of this book, The Myths and Fairytales Supporting Me speaks to the memories, events, and people through my life who held me to my crucible and on my cross. The third and final chapter of this book, Coniunctio: Holding the Opposites, is where opposites unite in their face-to-face totality to carry the scars of buried complexes and clouded projections. This is a place within myself where I concretize experiences through words. Experiences that are between the heart and mind and the forces of logos and eros. Thus, poetry became the dialogue between the open page and myself. Whatever my poems present to the reader, they speak from my mind, heart and soul to form a unique bible that is my life. Allow me to humbly share these poems as fragments of my life with you.


Publication Date
Nov 11, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jim Govoni


Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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