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Terrorism the Middle East and You

ByJoe Pierce

This engaging little book was written by Dr. Pierce, and published by the HaPi Press in 1986, while a war between Iraq and Iran was raging, and before the Iraq-Kuwait “Gulf” War. Dr. Pierce was an anthropological linguist, raised in the small rural community of Cyril, Oklahoma. He first worked in Turkey in 1955, and maintained his interest in the Middle East, working or visiting there until his death at age 69, in 1994. This book is not written in an academic style, but is intended for lay audiences to help them better understand cultural issues of the Middle East. It is written in a “fireside chat” style complete with personal anecdotes and opinions. Although readers may not always agree with his suggestions for action, the book provides important insights into a complex part of the world as the United States continues its struggle to determine the best approaches to combat international terrorism.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Joe Pierce



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