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Inside the Classroom

ByJoe Ventura

This easy to read book written by an elementary classroom teacher walks you through the inside dynamics of the classroom. Each chapter highlights specific ways for a parent to be involved with their child so that each school day is well spent. So much of what takes place in the classroom is management. Assist your child in being better prepared for each school day, and the rewards will benefit your entire family. Education in the classroom involves a series of specific skills that can be taught to each child, making school experiences academically successful and enjoyable. The purpose of this book is to give parents of elementary school children a “first person” account of the information teachers try to communicate at Back-to-School Night if they only had more time. Parents can quickly apply the suggestions taught and see immediate results utilizing the seventeen practical appendices at the back of the book that support each chapter.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Education & Language
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By (author): Joe Ventura



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