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60 Great Business Ideas for Tanzania

To Help You Plug into the Local Economy

ByJoel Milele

This book contains well researched business ideas that can work in Tanzania. The information will help you as an investor make the right decision when deciding which commercial business venture is a good fit for you. Any investor planning to start a business in Tanzania will get a chance to explore the wide variety of possible profit-making ventures that can be established anywhere within the United Republic of Tanzania. It goes into details of the level of capital required, the geographical location the business would best be setup, the skills required, etc. The author allows the readers to request for more specific advice, provide assistance in preparing for each ventures business plan, feasibility study and gives personalized business incubation and mentoring support aimed at helping you as the new business owner navigate through the startup process with the help of experienced managers and consultants, hence increasing your chances for success. Business registration, licensing procedures, permit acquisition, finding suitable business premises and all the logistical requirements for setting up the business successfully are some of the additional information provided on request. Starting a business in Tanzania is especially vital for the successful repatriation of the African Diaspora since this helps them to plug into the local economy; an essential step required to give their families long term and sustainable income in their new country.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2022
Business & Economics
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By (author): Joel Milele



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