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My Boyhood

ByJohn Burroughs

You ask me to give you some account of my life... You know enough about me to know that it will not be an exciting narrative or of any great historical value. It is mainly the life of a country man and a rather obscure man of letters, lived in eventful times indeed, but largely lived apart from the men and events that have given character to the last three quarters of a century. Like tens of thousands of others, I have been a spectator of.... the activities — political, commercial, sociological, scientific — of the times in which I have lived. My life, like your own, has been along the by-paths rather than along the great public highways. I have known but few great men and have played no part in any great public events — not even in the Civil War which I lived through and in which my duty plainly called me to take part. I am a man who recoils from noise and strife, even from fair competition, and who likes to see his days 'linked each to each.' by some quiet, congenial occupation.


Publication Date
Mar 17, 2015
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By (author): John Burroughs



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