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The World of Saint Paul

ByJohn Fetler

The book deals with Paul's personality, with the major events of his time, and with his contacts with important people of the Roman Empire, such as the Roman officials in Palestine, Governor Gallio in Corinth, the philosopher Seneca, and with the Emperor Nero. The narrative, designed for the general reader, presents Paul not as a distant saint on a pedestal, but, realistically and appreciatively, as a vital and seminal personality. The book incorporates the opinions of various schools but also debunks some legends and long-held textbook views. Rome is shown as a ruthless modern totalitarian state. The Jews are shown as a surprisingly major and popular minority in the Empire until the Revolt in Jerusalem changed their fate. Paul's influence is seen in a novel way: not spreading the faith among the lower classes, but preaching to well-educated Gentiles who attended the Jewish synagogues and were well acquainted with Judaism; these Gentiles, in turn, radiated the new Christian faith into pagan society.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): John Fetler



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