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Common Sense: Medicare For All

Foundation of a ‘New Normal’ In U.S. Health Care

ByJohn Geyman

Thomas Paine made a strong case in his pamphlet, Common Sense, for people in the Thirteen Colonies to gain independence from England in 1775-1776. This pamphlet is also based on simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense. In the final months of this pivotal 2020 election season, America is facing three major challenges at the same time—the coronavirus pandemic, a resultant economic downturn on the scale of the 1930s, and widespread protests against ongoing systemic racism. Together, they have exposed the underbelly of a failing health care non-system which serves the interests of corporate America, Wall Street, and their investors on the backs of sick and vulnerable Americans. The dimensions of this triple-threat are so great that they coalesce and seriously impact health care more than ever. We now have an opportunity to replace the ‘old normal’ with a ‘new normal’ that brings comprehensive health care to all Americans with full choice of physician, other health professionals and hospital, anywhere in the country. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of three major reform alternatives: (1) build on the Affordable Care Act; (2) variants of a public option; and (3) Medicare for All. We then describe, using common sense, how a ‘new normal’ through Expanded and Improved Medicare for All (H. R. 1384 in the House of Representatives) is the only alternative that can work to the benefit of all Americans in an affordable, fair and sustainable way. All we need is the political will to seize this moment in history.


Publication Date
Jul 13, 2020
Science & Medicine
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By (author): John Geyman



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