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Scattered To be gathered - Ministry to Migrants - Paperback by John Idoko

Scattered To be gathered - Ministry to Migrants - Paperback by John Idoko

ByJohn Idoko

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Scattered To be gathered - Ministry to Migrants - Paperback by John Idoko Migrations, Missions & Diaspora Ministry The Unreached People around Us "So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth" From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth." Genesis 11:8-9. [Over the face of the whole Christian South] (Emphasis mine) This book is part of the changing tune of the beating of the missions drum in our land. When the beating of the drum changes, a wise and attentive dancer changes dance steps as well. The tune of the drum dictates the dance. No one dances correctly if his dancing steps are in discordance with the rhythm of the music. In this book, analogically, God is the Drummer. Missions is the drum. Crises are the drumstick in the hand of God. Christians, missionaries and all believers alike are the dancers. Migrations and missions are the current tunes being beaten on the drum, not only in our country, but globally. The mission field that has suddenly moved on to our door steps is the dancing field. The clouds of witnesses above, comprising men and women, who have gone ahead of us, are the spectators watching how we dance. And Christ Himself watches from the grand stand. How we dance as individuals, as churches, as mission agencies to the tune of migrations is being watched keenly from above. Whosoever dances or does not dance is being observed and noted. Whoever dance steps are discordantly out of tune is being watched. However we dance, we are all dancing, heading towards the grandstand finish. The burden in this book is about Diaspora ministry or Diaspora missions. The unreached tribes in the far remote parts of the earth have moved, and are still moving, close to us. In rapid response to this sudden influx of northern tribes into the Christian South, CAPRO, in 2013, set up a pioneering church planting field among these heterogeneous migrant northern tribes in a Christianized environment.


Publication Date
May 12, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): John Idoko


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