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Darkness Follows, the second installment of the Dark Angel series

ByJohn LaJoie

How do you stop a force that’s unstoppable? That’s what Karren Adams hopes to find out when faced against Angel in Darkness Follows, the electrifying sequel to Future’s Light. While returning home to Springfield after finishing college, Charles Stevens comes across a forgotten car from his past. After the restoration is competed, he meets Karren, a woman equally matched in every way to his own. As their relationship grows in intensity, Karren is placed one night in the deadly path of Angel, a Chevy Malibu with unspeakable power. As she is confronted with the news of a friend’s tragic murder, Karren uncovers the truth behind the car’s history and finds evidence that her new boyfriend is hiding more than he is willing to share. As the confrontation builds, Karren’s unwilling determination to give him up leads to a showdown with Angel. In the end, only one will survive and bring new meaning to the words of a woman scorned.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): John LaJoie



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