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Volume 5 - Vendetta! Part 2

Chronicles of NYX/Nine

ByJohn Michael Kearney

Explicit Content
Volume 5 - VENDETTA (Part 2 of 3) is a hot and steamy story of rivalry and brutal revenge. Black Ops teammates, Nine and Ace, are getting married in Aruba but not before they encounter the mysterious and beautiful "Veronica", who attempts to sabotage their wedding. While "Veronica" endangers their relaxation and fun, half way around the world, Orf Dekker, a highly dangerous criminal guilty of murders and mutilation, escapes from a maximum security prison in Holland, and he vows revenge on Nyx and her team for capturing and arresting him. The President of the United States calls Nine and she must help Interpol locate and capture the monster Dekker. But she must join forces with a most unusual team. Will Nine and Ace ever exchange their wedding vows? Who is the mysterious "Veronica"? What will Nine have to do to keep Dekker from carrying out his threat to "skin her alive"? MATURE READERS ONLY : Adult subject matter, Adult Themes, Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Violence, Spy, Mild alcohol use, Mild language, Consensual non-monogamy relationship.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2018
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): John Michael Kearney



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