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illegal immigration

ByJosé Manuel Ferro Veiga

It emigrates To improve the quality of life and in some cases it is achieved, but statistics say the influence is also positivein the target communities. What's wrong then? "To reap its benefits, there must be an enabling policy environment".Among the obstacles to migration highlights conditions of the transfer itselfto the place of destination. Sometimes implies a very high financial outlay, uncertainty andfamily separation. If you are able to arrive, the economic situation is very delicate and often it is not uncommonsuffer depression. Lack of resources restricts the mobility of the poor, while conflicts and natural disasters are causing the displacement of many others. Transfers allow access to new ideas, knowledge and resources "that complement and enhance progress." But if mobility takes place in illegal conditions, these opportunities are limited. It proposes a set of reforms that are based on six pillars: ⦁ Open the input channels for more workers, especially those with low qualifications. ⦁ Ensure basic human rights for migrants, among others, education or health. ⦁ Reduce transaction costs of migration. ⦁ Find joint solutions that benefit migrants and destination communities. ⦁ Facilitate internal migration. ⦁ Incorporate migration into development strategies of the countries of origin.


Publication Date
Jan 25, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): José Manuel Ferro Veiga



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