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Passion for well-being, happiness and emotions

ByJosé Manuel Ferro Veiga

Giving away books is one of the best choices you can make. The reading reaches a twofold objective: entertains and encourages the important interest in letters, choosing the right book can be a daunting task . They can be thrown, groped, chewed, sucked, and even put in the bathtub without risk of breaking or spoiling. Social skills books are almost essential for many and many, interested in the subject. A happy moment is something we make happen to us, and it is not usually due to external events. But happiness, as an objective state of life, does not exist. It is abstract, subjective and personal, although in our western civilization we can list some basic elements that are required to be happy: good health, a satisfactory job, a rich love, affective and family life, friends who "fill" us, time and possibility. to develop our hobbies, good economic situation, psychological and emotional well-being. In this book, there are burning topics such as envy or the loss of a loved one , advice to solve conflicts or lead an " optimal " lifestyle , keys to understanding the current existential crisis that many people suffer.         Are we prepared to face failures and react appropriately to them? Both the pessimists and optimists, the happy and the melancholic, must face big or small failed bets in their lives. How many pairs are made and undone? How many business initiatives are not consolidated? Did we choose our profession well? It is very common that in the attempts we make to change bad habits, such as smoking, eating without order or improving our behavior, we accumulate unsuccessful attempts.   Why do some people read a lot and others so little? The answer to this question is not always within the four walls of the house, in addition to being a pleasant and leisure activity, people must know that reading is also a source of knowledge; one of the best times to prove it is by searching books for answers to many of the many doubts. The important thing is not to get the person to read, the achievement is that they want to read and for that you have to give them the freedom to choose to do so. The word read does not necessarily have to be associated with a book. If we stop to think, reading is an everyday act that we do hundreds of times a day, even without realizing it; We read the labels of the stores, the labels of the products in the supermarket, an email, a letter from the bank or a simple plaque on the street. Each reader is a world, and his reading rhyth


Publication Date
Jan 31, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): José Manuel Ferro Veiga



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