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The Jesus Syndrome

ByJoseph John Francis

The Jesus Syndrome is a condition in which a person believes s/he is the second coming of Jesus or the coming of the jewish messiah. When the main character of the story reaches the realization of his dreams he is diagnosed with mental illness (TJS). He doesn't know what to think. His psychiatrist tells him that he was brought back from madness and delusions through medications. The doctor goes on to say that he will probably have to take medicine for the rest of his life to stay sane. He refuses to believe the doctor. The result is constant hospitalizations and the development of a fantasy world where he retreats into. People tell him that he does not have a mental illness. That it is his lack of faith in God that left him open to demonic attacks. He rejects that notion but as he matures, he accepts that spiritual warfare may be a possibility. The story touches on symptoms of mental illness, like: schizo-affective disorder; bipolar disorder; hypersexuality; obsessive compulsive disorder and SAD.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Joseph John Francis



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