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Landrace Gardening

Food Security through Biodiversity and Promiscuous Pollination

ByJoseph LofthouseMerlla McLaughlin

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"Landrace Gardening is brilliant. It's a love story! And 2 parts gardening handbook. There are so many revelations I don't know where to begin? AMAZING. In every way this is a book for the ages. Bravo Joseph." Dan Barber, Blue Hill At Stone Barns, and Row 7 Seed Company "There is magic in the way Joseph Lofthouse marries his no-stress approach to gardening with such deep love and passion. This book is as much a gardening manual as it is a reframing of our relationship with each other and the world. Landrace Gardening gives us a roadmap to the kind of joyful food security that we need for healing many of the most important wounds of our time." Jason Padvorac "Joseph Lofthouse has a focus upon something that all gardeners should know: Landrace varieties are the way to sustainability. The best part is that everything in his book is adaptable for any gardener. No high level knowledge of botany or chemistry is required. The versatility and diversity of growing landrace plants speaks for themselves." Jere Gettle- Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. "The western sustainable agriculture movement has long needed its own version of the 'One Straw Revolution'. Joseph Lofthouse provides just that. With revolutionary gusto based on heretical thought and age old human gnosis. In Landrace Gardening, Food Security... Lofthouse steps firmly into the role of Icnoclast and elder seed shaman." Alan Bishop, Alchemist at Spirits Of French Lick "Awesome to see this process beginning to work in just one year." Josh Jamison, HEART Village "Severe weather patterns impact our crops and gardens, but Joseph's book shows us, in simple terms, how to breed resilience into our favorite food plants. In these pages, he explains the steps for becoming your own seed breeder and highlights the easiest crops to begin with. His brilliant breeding work, briefly but vividly captured here, inspires us to try our hand at it, and to have loving patience for what will unfold." Merlla McLaughlin, editor "Joseph's book is an eye-opener to a novice seed saver like myself. My growing conditions are not as extreme as Joseph's, but we do have a very short growing season. He has inspired me to start trying to produce my own landrace crops." Megan Palmer "Inspiring. Empowering. VERY important work." Stephanie Genus "Under the same condition he was once gifted a guitar, Joseph offers us Abundance for as long as we keep learning to play within it." Heron Breen, Fedco Seeds


Publication Date
Sep 3, 2021
Home & Garden
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Joseph Lofthouse, Edited by: Merlla McLaughlin


Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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