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A Journey Through Real-World Madness at the Very Top and On to a Far Better World

A Journey Through Real-World Madness at the Very Top and On to a Far Better World

ByJoseph Oakwood

Ever wondered how to save the planet, and humanity? Here's how. This is how we could now be living in our world All the history you know so far: They only tell you about reality B. This book is the first ever to tell you about reality A, a more peace and friendship loving world. Reality B is the world you currently live in, and the picked episode stories that have been chosen to form your primary history lessons and your main understanding of the world are the result of nationalist bodies' efforts to edit which stories get told according solely to their preferences. As reality B is completely run and dominated by nationalist forces, operating in country-level institutions with no limits to their poorly judged use of power, every single thing you know about the world is only being broadcasted and taught because it suits your nationalist country. This is because you currently live in a world where evil has, to some extent, won the fight that really matters. Whenever "the people of an area" seek to be allowed to do things differently, the cruel and insanely powerful nation state, usually but not always, sends in its many evil troops and its infinitely over-funded weapons of mass destruction to kill and destroy. We Proudly Present: A Far Better History and Future for All Mankind. B is for bad, whereas A is for awesome. Reality A, on the other hand, is the better world, the world we should be in. Here things are a lot closer to the way it ought to have gone, and to the way things should now be. And it's final long-term future will probably be the same as ours, eventually, but not for a very long while yet. Reality A is life, in a more civilised form, with 97% of all wars of the past 250 years averted or severely reduced in scale and cut short also in time, as the big problems of the time were solved in other, better ways instead. Prepare to leap through the vortex and enter a superb planet earth of flourishing local and international powers where, in the big political mass-struggles, both sides are simultaneously given real power wins over an acceptable (smaller) realm of areas, where killing the opponent off is made unnecessary, unwise, not an option and impossible and where flare-ups of conflict are prevented from growing into anything horrific.


Publication Date
Jan 28, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Joseph Oakwood



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