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69 Muffin Recipes Anyone Can Make

ByJoseph Samuel

JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Do you like muffins? Then this is a MUST HAVE e-book for you. Muffins: tasty semi-sweet cakes or quick breads baked as a single serving. Served warm, cool or reheated, muffins have become a favorite food item for many. But what is all the excitement about muffins? Similar to cupcakes, muffins are easy to make and therefore a good choice for beginning bakers. Muffins are convenient: they tend to keep and are easy to store. They can be given as gifts. Or they can be baked for a special occasion. Muffins have meaning. The corn muffin, for example, is the official state muffin for Massachusetts. In New York, it’s the apple muffin. And that’s why we are excited to present 69 Muffin Recipes Anyone Can Bake. In this e-book, you will find 69 muffin recipes taken from the author’s family members and close friends. Packed with recipes and baking tips, this e-book is a must read for every muffin lover!


Publication Date
Nov 11, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Joseph Samuel



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