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Make It Till You Make It

An Artist's Origin Story

ByJosh HarnackJosh Harnack

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Growing up, I never thought about my creativity or art. I just did it—fully and without reservation. I guess I can say I've always made art, but who hasn’t? The difference is, I just never stopped. When I talk about art, I mean the entire spectrum, from goofing around with a camcorder, acting out scenes from a movie, or placing some pigment on a canvas. For me, one of the most essential parts of being an artist is feeding my inner child—my curiosity to explore new mediums and styles to finding those pure uninhibited moments of expression. True freedom of expression is what makes me the artist I am. As you flip through this book, you will notice a wide range of creations. Some of them are huge successes. Others, tremendous failures. Yet they all reflect my curiosity, inspiration, and emotion. Ultimately, it's not about creating the next most extraordinary painting but enjoying the process of translating what is inside the mind and offering it to the world. Honestly, as you will find out in this book, it wasn’t an easy lesson for me to learn. I set a lot of expectations up for myself and they nearly crushed me. They certainly would have, if art didn’t teach me that true satisfaction is innate and comes from the process, not the end result. This story is my rite of passage—one where I fail, succeed, grapple with my mortality, and ultimately, shed my innocence and misconceptions. In doing so, I completely shift the trajectory of my life.


Publication Date
Nov 23, 2020
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Josh Harnack, By (artist): Josh Harnack, By (photographer): Josh Harnack, Cover design or artwork by: Josh Harnack, Edited by: Riley Witiw, Edited by: Brey Dawson, Edited by: Austin Mardon


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