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Waiting For The Last One

ByJoshua Kleinstreuer

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A work of non-fiction written over a period of seven days in Duke University Hospital. All incidents are true to fullest extent that can be recollected by the mind of an epileptic. Other efforts were made to collect witness accounts during the postictal state and when consciousness was lost. The decision to enter the EMU, the first potential step toward surgery, was a decision that involved over two months of deliberation. However after five years of seizures, as well as the emotional and physical repercussions that arrive with them, the decision seemed opportune. Sometimes a seizure would arrive for me while driving down the road. Other times, it arrived when I was eating lunch while on break at work. All things considered, I figured the experience itself was at least worth a shot. I have nothing to lose; only the potential to gain the grand opportunity to learn more about myself and hopefully open the doors to a life-changing procedure.


Publication Date
Nov 7, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Joshua Kleinstreuer


Saddle Stitch
Interior Color
Black & White
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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