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The Rain is Acid! (A Small Collection of Short Stories)

ByJoshua Wright

"She recalled, then, the bird-house that had been crushed beneath it. For a moment she’d felt sadness and empathy for the fallen creatures. Then she saw the hand-fans. “Oh my! Hand-fans!” She had cried. And the tribe was so proud afterward; she even did them the favor of disposing the rest of the contents in the box. It was worthless junk, really. And most of it had some crazy occult symbol on it. The symbol appeared as a fat, red plus-sign. If that wasn’t enough to breed skepticism, she vaguely remembered a set of twisting serpents on some soft-tissue pouches; as well as on the miniature darts that were packed full of the serpents’ venom. She burned them in fear that Tastrant was behind the delivery. Tastrant shared the same symbols in some of their guilds, and she was not trying to risk a Tastrant invasion. Even if she did go fetch a second opinion, it would cause too much fear and doubt about the cargo’s source to let her call dibs on the precious hand-fans."


Publication Date
May 5, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Joshua Wright



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