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Confessions of a Wall Street Insider, A Zen approach to making a fortune from the coming global economic crisis

ByJS Kim

UPDATED FOR 2009! "Confessions" presents a hard-hitting look at the distinct possibility of a US Treasury bond market and US dollar collapse in the near future and the steps every investor should take to prepare for this possibility. JS Kim explains why the investment industry continues to spread misinformation about the health of the global economy and the true roots of this current crisis. In the first edition of this book, JS predicted that US dollar weakness would trigger huge devaluations in the the Euro and Pound Sterling in 2008. He also correctly predicted consecutive days of triple-digit down days that afflicted US markets at the start of 2008. Discover why JS believes that this monetary crisis is just getting started and how you can not only protect yourself, but how you can profit from an extremely dangerous investment environment in 2009.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): JS Kim



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