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The Fabric of Autism

Weaving the Treads Into a Cogent Theory

ByJudith Bluestone

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In The Fabric of Autism: Weaving the Threads into a Cogent Theory, Judith Bluestone combines her personal autistic experience with academic research and over 40 years of clinical practice to craft a unique and compelling view of the phenomenon called autism. This book is both a significant clinical work and a moving memoir that illuminates the humanity beneath the bewildering facade of autism. Infused with rare and hard-won insights into the etiology of autistic behaviors, this book weaves the various threads of autism into a sensible theory while simultaneously offering practical tools for strengthening the interactive systems of the body, brain, mind, and spirit. The Fabric of Autism takes its readers on a riveting journey into the world of individuals whose lives are influenced by ASD, most of who have achieved significant improvements in their communication, general functioning, and quality of life with the help of HANDLE- Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and Learning Efficiency. The Fabric of Autism shows us that compassion, understanding, and intuition can coexist with neuroscience, as it provides a new view and appreciation of the complex neurological dysfunction labeled autism.


Publication Date
Jun 20, 2022
Personal Growth
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By (author): Judith Bluestone


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