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How to Marry the Woman of Your Dreams

How to Marry the Woman of Your Dreams

ByJulian C. Arhire

Do you want to be with the woman of your dreams? For every dream girl out there, there’s a lucky guy who ends up with her. In our quest to help you be that guy, we’ve scoured scientific journals to give you useful tips on being more attractive and confident with women. In college and high school, opportunities to meet women were plentiful. Around you, every day, were women your age with similar interests. Now that you're working, dating is not as easy. It can seem like finding the perfect woman is more difficult that buying your first home or closing a multi-million dollar deal. These techniques and tools will help you find your perfect soulmate if you're ready for the commitment, passion, love and excitement that goes along with it.- Develop an attitude that attracts women - Meet more attractive women - Look like a winner - Learn how to be a great conversationalist - Be the one that women want to be with - Identify the most compatible women - Find the special woman you are looking for


Publication Date
Nov 21, 2016
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Julian C. Arhire



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