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Buddy's Diary plus fiction and articles from DogCast Radio

ByJulie Hill

Whether you’re a regular listener to or not you’ll love Buddy’s Diary. Buddy is a black Labrador with an enthusiasm for life and a healthy sense of humour. His diary entries reveal a dog’s take on life. Buddy writes about his arch-enemy Vacuum, the perils of visiting the vet, and his weakness for cheese. If you’ve ever wondered how a dog regards the people he lives with, which mode of transport a dog prefers, and how a dog deals with all the stress we offload onto them, Buddy’s Diary has the answers you seek. The fiction features have been a popular part of DogCast Radio. They celebrate the bond we share with our dogs, and the many forms that can take. You know when you’ve had your puppy a few days, and you suddenly think, “What have I done?” – there’s an article on that in this book. From royalty and their dogs, to Crufts, to protecting your dog from poisonous food, to the most faithful dogs in the world – we’ve got it covered!


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Julie Hill



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