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Last Writings: 1946-1953

ByJ.V. Stalin

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"Last Writings: 1946-1953" is a book of J.V. Stalin's works after the Great Patriotic War, from the beginning of 1946 until his death in March 1953. A necessity arose to publish them in a single English volume after the 13 volumes of his Works published by Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow only went up to the war, and the volumes published later by Red Star Press were incomplete. Six main topics flow through these works: the fight for postwar peace, the Soviet economic reconstruction, the civil war in China, the struggle against Titoite revisionism, the war in Korea and the need for political education in the economy. These topics preoccupied J.V. Stalin in his final years, particularly the problem of peace which, as he noted, can only be secured when the peoples take it into their own hands. Other documents show Stalin's ever-vigilant mind and his ceaseless will to revolutionize the Party and state to his last days, efforts which were reversed immediately after his death. Many of his postwar works were suppressed, his name was blackened, and there was spread an illusion that J.V. Stalin was a paranoid megalomaniac. Now, with the Soviet archives open and new volumes of Stalin's Works in Russian, there is a wealth of new material on that period, which have been included in this book and serve in adding to the treasury of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism.


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Feb 3, 2024
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By (author): J.V. Stalin


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