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ByJyotsna Lal

Once upon a time, in the quiet town of Zrenjanin, Serbia, there was a lass named Biyu.. She was a skilled dancer with a dark ancient secret. Biyu had a dual identity - by day, she was a charismatic dance instructor loved by her students, but by night, she transformed into a mysterious woman. Biyu 's passion for dance ran deep, but she had a traumatic ancient past.Biyu is a dragon girl who loves dancing , A vision in red and black Her headdress adorned with scarlet feathers Her heels as high as the sky She moves with grace and poise Her dress flowing behind her Like a black river, shining in the moonlight Silver lining gleaming in the dimly-lit room Her eyes are bright with laughter Her smile is infectious She dances like a wild flame Burning bright and hot The music swirls around her The rhythm intoxicating She twirls and spins Lost in the music's embrace Her movements are fluid and precise Each step a masterpiece Her body a canvas Painted with the colors of the night The onlookers are mesmerized Enthralled by her beauty They watch in awe As she becomes the music's muse Jyotsna Lal ‘Professor In Chemistry,Christ Church College,Kanpur. Up .India 208001, who has travelled to 25 countries ,Written 50 research papers in scientific journals & several Fiction books entitled : SAKURA A GIRL GALLED CHERRY BLOSSOM A tale of two countries .From the exotic India to , huge metropolis of Tokyo the land of the rising sun glamorous Japan , the lives of two families and their teenage children Jolly Jo and Sakura are entangled in a web of suspense, deceit, adventure and Love. A romantic mystery, a suspense thriller at the same time funny . A must read Book MYSTERY OF A GIRL CALLED MOON is a A tale of two continents .From the exotic desert of Dubai to hot, huge Metropolis of Houston and the glamourous New York, the lives of two men and their beautiful fiancees are entangled in a web of murder, deciet and Love. A romantic Mystery, a suspense thriller at the same time funny . A must read Book Bahar, A Girl Galled Spring A Girl Galled Lassie Riding the flying Horse BOOKS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, AND FLIPKART


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
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By (author): Jyotsna Lal



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