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The Warnings of Jude and II Peter 2: Then & Now

ByK L Rich

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The world is growing increasingly wicked. The devil has caused many to be deceived into thinking that they can do as they please without any consequences. Western countries that once prided themselves on Christianity, such as America, have become nations full of sexual filth, debauchery, greed, and immorality. The United States has become the leading nation of wickedness, thus enticing other countries to follow suit. Unfortunately, numerous houses of worship have become synonymous with this same lifestyle, and many self-professed Christians have allowed Satan to enter the church with teachings dealing less with sin and repentance and more inclined with motivational speaking and prosperity gospel, often led by prophets for profit with the congregants itching for more. The truth of God’s commands for righteous living and holiness has been sugar-coated, whitewashed, and watered down with false teachings to appease those who wish to straddle the fence and remain comfortable in their sins. However, this is and will always be unacceptable to the Lord. Those who desire to continue their indulgence in such rebellion will find themselves eternally separated from God without genuine repentance. In The Warnings of Jude and II Peter 2: Then & Now, the seriousness of the hour foretold by the Apostles Jude and Peter to the church will come to light as believers will see that their warnings were not just for the early church but are relevant even more so today. Both Jude and Peter cautioned the body of believers to beware of false teachers and their heretical doctrines that had crept into the church, causing division and compromise. Yet, they urged the believers to contend for the faith and not allow themselves to be deceived because those who endured to the end would be saved. That same promise is what believers must hold on to during these last days before Jesus’ return.


Publication Date
Jul 11, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): K L Rich


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