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By my Chalice and my Blade

ByKaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas

This booklet can be understood as an inexact snapshot of sorts of what would became UEW at the time that it found me. I have neither interest in nor direct knowledge of the time before, and make no claim of expertise therein. Some of the names, dates and quotes herein may differ from places I have cited them elsewhere, but where possible I’ve verified them with other involved parties. I make no claim of accuracy. This booklet is not a history of UEW. Proto-UEW also called Silver Chalice Protosept, is a coven-based, initiatory sept of UEW. It is not an accurate recreation of Silver Chalice as it existed before my own participation in it, because the changes that led to the creation of UEW from Silver Chalice were valid changes. What it is, then, is a combination of many specific aspects of the in-practice sept of UEWiccans that came before UEW became known as UEW. It is what I often practice, and what many of the mysterious names on our archival papers practice. It is offered here as an example of a sept.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas



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