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Doctors True Crime


ByKalina Ramanska

Explicit Content
There was a writer and there was a businessman, a husband and wife, murdered by doctors. Kalina Stoianova Ramanska, a member of the Ramanski family, and her husband, Todor Simeonov Ramanski, a member of the Ramanski family, were murdered by doctors, Kalina S. Ramanska on July 21, 2022 and her husband Todaor S. Ramanski on Oct 12, 2019, by the same doctors in the same hospital. In the case of Kalina S. Ramanska, it was discovered by the witnesses that parts of her body, including her head sustained injuries while in hospital. As far as the motive for the crime is concerned, it is unclear. My brother Krasimir Todorov Ramanski and myself Vaska Todorova Ramanska and two other witnesses were the only ones who could provide some clues other than the trumas found on the bodies and the severe nose bleed seen on Kalina Ramanska's body. This book contains both mesmerizing suspense and astonishing empathy as Vaska Ramanska reconstructs the murder and the investigation. After being confronted with obstacles and defense from state authorities, she continues to press forward and requests the issue of an arrest warrant. This led to the capture, trial, and life sentence of the killers the amoral doctors Dr. Oleg Jakov, Dr. Iskra Tsikandelova and the Djipito Dr. Ilia Hristov. These are the doctors who are directly responsible for the premeditated murder. With Ramanski's vivid illustrations, the doctors are shown not only to be reprehensible, but also to be as human as they can be, which is quite frightening. This is a classic work of contemporary writing. It is the culmination of journalistic skill, a daughter's determination to find justice and a powerfully evocative narrative combined to create one of the most compelling pieces ever written, that changed the law system in the state of Bulgaria and internationally.


Publication Date
Aug 31, 2022
Creative Commons NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
By (author): Kalina Ramanska



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