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50 Career Changes - You Can Make the Move!

ByKaren Hayhurst

Some careers are easier to break into as a second career than others. This e-book identifies 50 real opportunities for career changers of all ages. The careers either have no formal qualifications required, or more commonly, the formal qualifications required can be studied for part time or via distance learning. This enables the career changer who needs to maintain financial security to keep working until they are qualified and ready to move. Full details of the work, skills and qualifications required, career opportunities and professional associations for each career are included. There is also a process mapped out so that you can identify which of the 50 careers might be most suitable for you. Go on - you can make the change! For more information, visit (but note that there is a discount to Lulu subscibers so buy your e-book on the Lulu site!)This is the England version - the info may be relevant to other countries but contact details are for England.


Publication Date
Apr 13, 2007
Personal Growth
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By (author): Karen Hayhurst



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