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The Epic Journey of the Scribe's Scroll

The Epic Journey of the Scribe's Scroll

ByKarl Haase II

A thought to be dead Egyptian priest comes back to life and is smuggled out of Egypt during the night. He quickly finds he has been ordered by the Pharaoh of Egypt to travel to the outlying Land of the Osiris Tree, a land only talked about in old worn ancient tales. The Epic Journey of The Scribe's Scroll is an action filled thrill ride of adventure through the ancient world 3000BCE with Dedi who is a priest who has been permanently tattooed with embalming marks, a constant reminder of the would be assassins of his past. Dedi and his travel companions meet the most fierce desert pirates and highly trained Minoan sea travelers in this truly Epic voyage across the ancient world as it was three-thousand years ago. Karl Haase was born in the United States and always had a passion for all things BCE. His interest in the subject led him to share a story based in the ancient world in his first published novel 'The Epic Journey of the Scribe's Scroll'. He currently lives in Australia.


Publication Date
Nov 26, 2009
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Karl Haase II



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