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A Lighter Life

An Introduction to a Light-filled Life and Atlantean Healing

ByBirkan ToreKatharina Arnesen

This book is a journey of discovering a light-filled life where you can be aware of both the light and energy side of life, as well as your divine helpers. The Golden Age of Atlantis works as a source of inspiration for us today to once again be able to reach the level of harmonious, peaceful, sustaining, caring connection and relationship to everything and everyone on Earth, that is, a 5th dimensional life in a new Golden Age. We introduce quite a few Ascended Masters and Archangels, including female Archangels. Talking to and working together with some of them and your Spirit Guides can ease your life, and even change how you live it. We talk about why energy hygiene is as important as taking a shower regularly. Give you tips on how to make your aura shine and become stronger and why clearing and strengthening your chakras makes it easier to manifest the life circumstances you want. This book was born out of our desire to share our work with Atlantean Healing and it expanded over seven years into a thorough guide for spiritual people to live a more light-fi lled and aware life, with divine guidance and protection, and with more understanding and control over their energy. This book is made in a way that it, by itself, generates life enhancing energy just by laying around. But, we do encourage you to read it too.


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2023
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Birkan Tore, By (author): Katharina Arnesen, Edited by: Joyce J. Kibet, Cover design or artwork by: Matt McClendon



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