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Virtual Worlds - A Universe of Opportunity

ByCindy GordonAndrew Weir

Today, Virtual Worlds reach over 300 million users. Are you ready for them? The next decade promises an explosion in Virtual Worlds and a universe of opportunity for organizations to captivate the hearts and minds of digital natives. Organizations need to effectively plan for Virtual Worlds in their business models. Helix's two-year global research report on Virtual Worlds and metaverse experiences addresses several key questions, including: 1) What are the major market dynamics supporting the development of Virtual World economies? 2) What are the online consumer and business-to-business experiences that are being created in Second Life? 3) What are the best practices in Second Life? What new forms of communication and patterns of customer interaction are being used? 4) What do organizations need to do to be successful in using Virtual Worlds to create and launch these VW experiences? For more information, visit:


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Computers & Technology
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By (author): Cindy Gordon, By (author): Andrew Weir, By (author): Kathryn Gibson



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