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Career Conjuring

Career Conjuring

Spells, Meditations, Rituals and Visualizations to Create the Work You'll Love

ByKatina Z. Jones

Light the spark of your dream career with Career Conjuring. No resume template required. Unleash your career magic with powerful rituals and tools. From astrological insights to sensory sorcery, Career Conjuring is your map to a fulfilling professional life. Your dream job isn't waiting for you – it's waiting to be conjured. This book shows you how. Whispers of the universe hold the key to your career destiny. Learn to hear them with Career Conjuring. Beyond resumes and interviews, unlock the hidden magic that propels you towards professional bliss. Let author and career visionary Katina Z. Jones, Ph.D., show you how to: Discover your hidden talents Envision the perfect work for you Navigate career transitions with ease Attract opportunities like a magnet Stop settling for "meh" jobs Career Conjuring is your roadmap to a fulfilling and prosperous professional life. Dr. Jones guides you through practical rituals, tools, and insights to manifest your perfect career. Put on your wizard cap, grab your magic wand and start conjuring your dream career today!


Publication Date
May 4, 2024
Personal Growth
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By (author): Katina Z. Jones



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