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The Discouraged Lemur

ByKatrina O'hara

With the exception of a few Brad the Frisky Civet comic strips, this was the last story ever written by Miss O'hara that made it to UMG Productions' archives. This is the story of a young futuristic tyrant lemur that gets lost from his mother as they cross a river in Kenya, Africa. The cub is swept down river and turns up barely alive on the ranch of a sheep farmer, whose flock is currently being harassed by a rogue leopard. The sheep farmer was going to try and bury the cub, but the cub started to show some signs that he is not dead! So, instead the farmer decides to take him inside and treat his injuries. His wife falls in love with the little cub, and names him Tony. Tony grows and grows and grows until he is so big, he cannot fit in the house! So the farmer decides to put him to work doing something else, he is to guard the flock from the leopard. But does Tony succeed? If so, what does the farmer do with him? If not, then what happens? Find out. This book may have some mildly strong language and scenes of death and killing. Reader discretion is advised.


Publication Date
Oct 17, 2020
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Katrina O'hara



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