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The Mischievous Mongoose

ByKatrina O'hara

Miss O'hara has always been fascinated by baby animals, and created this story just months before her passing. It is all about a baby mongoose and her mother. The mother is killed by a hunter when she goes off to look for food, leaving the baby to be orphaned and alone. Being a rather kind hunter, not having meant to kill the baby's mother, he takes the baby home, where he lives with his brother and sister in law. The mongoose cub later decides she doesn't want to live with humans, and runs off. She runs to the docks where there is a ship leaving for San Diego. When it docks in this strange, far-off town, the cub meets Katie the squirrel and Jasper the lemur. But they have no idea what they are looking at! They've never seen an animal like the cub before and think she looks terrifying! They try to keep their distance from her, but the cub simply wants to be friends. At the same time, she misses her home. All Jasper and Katie sees is a strange animal, that looks sickly. So they take her to a vet. It is there, that the cub's mischievous side comes out. Watch and see what happens when this cub discovers new sights and animals in her new home.


Publication Date
Oct 18, 2020
Comics & Graphic Novels
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By (author): Katrina O'hara



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