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The Mysteries of the Cosmos

ByAustin MardonHadia Saleem

The more we explore our vast and complex universe the more questions we seem to discover on our journey. In the past hundred years, humanity has made great leaps in our quest towards the stars, but compared to the unfathomably large expanse of the universe, our steps towards comprehension and exploration are easy to mistake as miniscule. The Mysteries of the Cosmos explores the knowledge and theories we already possess and the many gaps that remain in our understanding of the universe, beginning with multiple theories of its creation and ending with the possible story of its eventual death. Along the way, the key theories behind the life and death of three astronomical objects—stars, black holes, and wormholes—will be explored as well as what would happen if you fell into a black hole and the possibility of creating a man-made wormhole using exotic matter and other theoretical methods. This discussion would be incomplete without special attention paid to the influential physicists and scientists that have progressed our understanding of the universe, the technology that has been developed along the way, and the portrayal of these cosmological enigmas in popular culture. The Mysteries of the Cosmos is an in-depth exploration that strives to educate the general reader on the history and scientific theories behind some of the most intriguing astronomical objects in our universe.


Publication Date
Jul 4, 2021
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Austin Mardon, By (author): Hadia Saleem, By (author): Hanna Redda, By (author): Mohathir Sheikh, By (author): Hannah Schepian, By (author): Anna Yang, By (author): Aamna Idrees, By (author): Hannah Nie, By (author): Isra Ziad, By (author): Hafsa Idrees, By (author): Hayley Zhong, By (author): Taryn Foster, By (author): Kayla Agustin



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