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ByKebin Wang

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After finishing my book "A Common Citizen's Comments on Dr. Xi", I decided to put down my pen and begin my journey into a quiet senior's life. However, the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the abnormal phenomena in the 2020 general election caused a great shock in me. I felt so indignant that I could no longer stay quiet, which thus pushed me to start writing again. The following essays were written in Chinese as I was turning 75 years old, and which also included my recollections and emotional sentiments during my youth. They will be combined into a new collections of works, my 11th book, titled "The Colorful Leaves in Late Fall". There are also a few emotional recall essays on my child hood, my parents, my teacher as well as the hard time under the leadership of the Communist party. At my age now, some of my friends have started to be passing away, which cause me very sorrow, as well as deep desolate. Hence there are also mourning article and poet in memory of my old friend. Most of my articles were firstly contributed to a few websites, in order to discuss with all kinds of people, whom I even did not know, their feedback and criticism turned out to be an encourage and impellent to me . Hence, I also make a collection of their reflection to my writing. I certainly wish the new readers of my books will like to read and speak out their opinion.


Publication Date
Aug 30, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): Kebin Wang


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