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Inhaling Confidence, Exhaling Fear

ByKelly Cronk

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"INHALING CONFIDENCE, EXHALING FEAR" Your nicotine addiction comes with many complexities. The cessation process isn't just about giving up nicotine, which only represents 25% of your urges. The remaining 75% of your urges will come from emotional stressors, environmental triggers (being around other smokers) and coping with behavioral urges (the habit and familiar routine). There's a grieving process as you face the idea of letting go of something that has become an integral part of your life: the way you communicate with others; familiar and comforting routines; a coping mechanism for processing anxiety, stress, anger, depression, guilt/shame, and grief and loss. Not to mention the expectation of receiving an average of twenty dopamine hits throughout the day. The process of cessation is challenging but with some preparation, you can achieve your desired goal of living without the dependency of needing to smoke, vape, or chew tobacco. Many friends and family members who have never experienced addiction, may not recognize the significance of your decision to quit. Helping them to understand how they can support you more effectively while you undergo this process, will be beneficial. Author Kelly Cronk has completed over 8,400 1:1 interventions for nicotine cessation. Her career in behavioral health field spans over 18 years, which includes working as Chief of Staff for a Malibu treatment center and working as a Sober Life Coach. Kelly has conducted hundreds of recovery workshops for anger management, codependency, creative writing, and relapse prevention.


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Aug 4, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Kelly Cronk


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