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The Ultimate Friendship Book: How to Find Friends and Create Friendships That Last a Lifetime

ByKelly Watson

When asked, people often say that friendships are most important in their lives. Think for a second, how would life be if you didn't have any friends? It would be a pretty sad and boring place wouldn't it? Why should you work and earn an income if you can't enjoy the benefits by sharing your passions with your friends? I have written this book as I know that many people suffer from not having friends. I had problems with making friends in my high school and university period. I was good at meeting people, but for some reason they didn't stick with me. I didn't know why until I met my BBF Rebekkah 10 years ago. We have been pretty much BBF ever since and she taught me how to be a great friend and how to create friendships that last. The book is written in 10 easy to read chapters with a lot of information, tips and useful action steps you can take. Happy reading! This 2nd edition has two additional chapters on where to find friends and about online friendships.


Publication Date
Mar 19, 2012
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Kelly Watson



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