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ikallion: paw print 20220812 update 2

ByKelly Ye

1. I don't and won't do prostitution, for the record I have never done prostitution; 2. I’m not CCP. & I don't and won't support CCP or China; 3. Right now I'm only interested in the skin color study with albinism. CCP doesn't even have people with skin as light as light skin European, definitely not mine. I have clear videos, and we can take more, as much as needed when study it in lab. 4. My only UAE number +971561387437/Ye Kaili.(No sharing SIM card with anybody. To be honest, I'm not certain whether there is such things.) 5. I'm at Red Castle Hotel, Sharjah, Room 217 right now. (Still prefer to be alone, actually also prefer quietness.) 6. I don't sell or buy sex. And there is never consent from me if I am unconscious. It is sex crime! I won't suicide. 7. My Twitter: Ye Kaili @YeKailiPawPrint 8. In recovering. 9. I think anybody with a brain has seen it way too clear that when I exclude liking horrible CCP, I have excluded not at all a little better other race and national of the same type! Or you can say idiots are hopeless! Never interested in them.(Too many times in content XD) 10. I have been poisoned way too much for a long time. And since there are perverts violating my digital security, personal security and property security so much. God would punish them until those perverts never dare to and never can do anything similar anymore! (I don't and won't ever like them!) 11. Sharjah City used to be peaceful and quiet when I first arrived here. But recent months, there has been a thunder-ish noise disturbing the entire city.(I feel it's shameful understanding Chinese.) 12. To sum up my trip so far, disappointing, most possibly due to those persecutions. I have met nobody charming and nothing interesting. My all kind of securities have been violated a lot. A lot of weirdly unpleasant things happened. I believe there are awesome people helping me get through all these. But I haven't met anything or anybody I like yet. I miss taking about subjects like music, art, literature and philosophy, science etc with people I like. But I do know, I don't want to go back to China. Where there is fewer Chinese, is better. 13. Check my twitter for more details;(a bit too much to summarize here.) 14. More details and videos update are in my books' contents. 15. CCP doesn't have anybody with skin color as light as mine, particularly including wumei, fanbingbing, guanxiaotong etc etc, who has been shamelessly, viciously persecuting me.


Publication Date
Aug 12, 2022
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By (author): Kelly Ye




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