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List of All U.S. Counties and Cities in eBook Format

List of All U.S. Counties and Cities in eBook Format

ByKen Green

There are 3,136 counties and 25,097 Cities in the 50 states. All are listed in this eBook along with populations. The author developed this list after being unable to find one anywhere -- even on the U.S. Census Bureau or U.S. Postal Service web sites -- or from ZIP Code directories. It is quite easy to find information on specific localities, but an overall list simply does not seem to exist. A free EXCEL Spreadsheet or ACCESS Database file is available by email to all purchasers of this eBook. Those purchasing this list have found it very useful for marketing. Overseas purchasers like to peruse it to grasp the enormity of the United States. Using your eBook reader, PC, iPad, etc, you will be able to conduct searches, an advantage over paper books. With the free EXCEL or Database file, the sky is the limit when it comes to the utility of these lists. The spreadsheet or database can be used on web sites for drop-downs selections.


Publication Date
Jul 24, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ken Green



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