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Chef of the Parkhaus

ByKen Lord

This book is listed “G” to get it onto the menu; Lulu requires registration to see adult-themed items. But the book is a “R”-rated item with some very adult themes. The intended audience is not children. It is the story of Leon LeGros, a young man who sought fortune in the South Pacific. Leon, today a resident of Luxembourg, led an extraordinary life, as a chef, as a cook in the mining camps of the Solomon Islands and Australia, where he matured before returning to Europe and a more responsible life. Today, he is a parking lot attendant, a sacrifice for the one to whom he has dedicated this book. In the process of getting there, Leon has lived several lifetimes of adventure that far exceed anything many of us have experienced. There is eroticism in the book, though it is not salacious. This book was not written to titillate; but to document the life of an extraordinary man, warts and all, and to talk about how his life has changed in more than five decades.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Ken Lord



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