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The Urge to Kill

ByKen Lord

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He sits eating breakfast, nursing a cup of coffee, and performing a western ritual—raising his baseball cap and running his hands through diminishing hair. He does this whenever somebody approaches. The cap, gray to match the clothing he wears, is marked in red with the words “The Intimidator.” On his arms are tattooed “Intimidator,” and “Invincible,” respectively. Thus begins a killing spree motivated merely by annoyance at the foibles of people living their lives. And he leaves a calling card. Police veteran Charlie Creehall is attacked by an assailant using a zip gun. Left to die in a field, young boys discover him. Charlie is a mentor to children and a member of a top-notch motorcycle club The same is true for Bradley Gibbons, whose only sin was that he was proud of his pickup truck. Of course, he had a “big mouth” and ran afoul of “The Intimidator.” Copycat Marty Srzynski, a washed-out Navy Seal, has scores to settle, but wouldn’t use a zip gun. He has demolitions experience. He also likes snakes. He works at the lumber mill, has a bevy of paramours, and a chip on his shoulder much larger than those produced at the mill. Chief Price is given an invaluable gift. But Doris Odland, a widow with a blunderbuss, makes his life interesting. She rides down Main Street, ends up in “court” and there speaks her mind. Too bad she was killed in Marty’s plot to assassinate the Chief. The shrink, Dr. Carole Roberts, helps Price to investigate Duggie Hanson and Marty Srzynski. There are also Mayor McCheese and the Radio Amateurs who search for Marsha Randall, who right now is recoiling from a snake bite. A relationship develops between Roberts and Price. This is a mystery story with two avowed killers who have different motives but a relationship between them that is destined to upend the City of Bellson, California. It deals also with spiritual matters, which may seem an odd combination.


Publication Date
Jun 6, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ken Lord


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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