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CASTLE OLDSKULL Gaming Supplement ~ Lords of Oldskull: Krampus

ByKent David Kelly

As cav’lier golems march and wheel, In tiny danse of death and holm And arc their blades of mint and bone To tinkling chaunt of glockenspiel; And from the shadow’s watching wall? Krampus sighing, claimeth all. See his sorrowed eyes abright, Bells a-tinkling in the night; Sixty-six the bells they are, Shiv’ring silver-bright I see: Bell woven to brimstone, beard, and mane, Regardless of thy slumber feign’d. From the wintery shadows He comes, and when he sings, none dare keep their most forbidden secrets from his clutches … Are you looking for something a little different to spice up your old school RPG campaign for Halloween and Christmas? Would you like to scar your players for life? Add a little Krampus and all his festive nightmares to your game! This deluxe mini-supplement (43 pages, 6,400 words plus license) features full stats on Krampus the demon lord, his rituals (randomized magic powers for every visitation), tactics, weaknesses, and eerie magic items. The second half is devoted to the Winterbringers, a secretive cabal of Chaos priests whose powers focus on charm, temptation, ice, madness, and night terrors. Best of all, both of these systems are Open Game Content, fully formatted for compatibility with Swords and Wizardry and other OSR and retroclone gaming systems. You’re free to use Krampus and all the Winterbringers in your own diabolic adventures and supplements ... with proper credit, of course. KRAMPUS represents the first in a series of LORDS OF OLDSKULL, turning the most haunting mythic beings of legendry into swords-and-sorcery gaming reality. There’s many more to come … but why save the best for last? Happy nightmares before Christmas!


Publication Date
Sep 20, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kent David Kelly



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