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CASTLE OLDSKULL Gaming Supplement ~ Oldskull Anti-Paladins

ByKent David Kelly

Beyond mortal comprehension, Beyond redemption, Some insidious fiends Just want to watch the world burn … Ofttimes controversial, always vexing, but never boring, the ANTI-PALADIN is a specialized chaotic evil fighter sub-class which represents an irrepressible remnant order of the unholy black knights of yore. Whereas paladins represent ultimate light and the might of purity, anti-paladins are the harbingers of abyssal darkness, despair, and overpowering evil. Anti-paladins were introduced to the game in 1980 and were even briefly made official by accident (via the 1981 fiendish bestiary) before being relegated to oblivion. They only ever returned in a sanitized form as the diluted “Blackguard.” But for those who want to include and glorify the original iconic class as first presented in a Draconian magazine almost 30 years ago, this supplement — likely the most detailed treatment of anti-paladins ever created — should be received with delectation. The class has been reimagined and fully expanded upon within the context of the World of Oldskull campaign (as featured in the Oldskull Adventure Generator and other tomes), with elaborations pertaining to demonic worship, the enigmatic Knights of Saigoth, and the Great Old Ones who represent the Cthulhu Mythos. Systems featured in this old school gaming supplement include: a history and literary justification of the class (using Lord Mordred as a primary exemplar, among others), an overview of the Arthurian Knights Perilous, demonic empowerment and vigil systems, level titles, weaknesses, powers, spell casting rules, and ruling clarifications (based for example on a contemplated inversion of official Sagely paladin rulings made throughout the years). Lacking in lechery or gore yet replete with sinister gothic atmosphere, the reimagined Oldskull Anti-Paladin is a perfect villainous archetype rendered for your enjoyment as a Non-Player Character, or even as a PC option pending Game Master approval. However you decide to play them, I can assure you that your players will never forget these terrible nemeses. Why not give your most skilled and daring players a challenge, and a nefarious villain they’ll love to hate? Another fine gaming supplement from Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy.


Publication Date
Sep 20, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kent David Kelly



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