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Battle Of The Librarians

D Day in the GTA

ByKevin Misan

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Here’s the elevator pitch: “It‘s a story about a group of female Librarians, doing a heist.” That’s the integral core of Battle Of The Librarians. With fifteen main characters though, some planning to do the criminal activity, and others whose aim is to prevent any security breaches there is plenty happening. Maggie Mistri - Head Librarian at Toronto Reference Library has a stack of issues to deal with, her co-worker Alice Lever is dating Maggie‘s ex boyfriend, she’s also behind with her rent. Widow and Librarian Elenor Ensmith is nearing retirement and she thinks she will have to sell the family home and down size for her retirement. A throw away comment by Abby Kovacs plants the idea of doing a multi million dollar heist in the mind of Annette Beamish. A ripple effect. There‘s also sibling rivalry from the Moreland sisters Connie Moreland and Chelsie Moreland, whose family created the fortune whose fate hangs precariously in the balance. From Montreal arrives Simone LeSalle who is razor focused on stealing the swag for her own agenda. Erin Neubound is Head Of Security for The City and trying to balance her day job with a critically sick husband too. Luna Skape is just trying to reconcile the budget for The City, she oversees Libraries. There are many other characters too, all interwoven into the fabric of this comedy noir novel. Would you ever trust a Librarian ever again after reading Battle Of The Librarians ? One thing is certain, this is a ‘Library’ book. *Adult humour & themes, criminal investigation etc. 14+


Publication Date
Jan 22, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kevin Misan


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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