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Planning for When: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Planning

ByKevin W. Pinkley AIFA®, CDFA™, CIMA®

It doesn’t matter if they are married, divorced or single: Women tend to put others first. It could be the result of a maternal gene or simply a natural disposition to view others as more important, but it’s an instinct that makes it more difficult to achieve financial security and independence. Kevin W. Pinkley, a longtime financial advisor, walks women through the steps they need to take in seeking to build and preserve wealth. Learn how to: plan for a retirement with the goal of providing a lifestyle that meets your needs; provide for a loved one in the event of death; minimize the financial impact of divorce or the death or disability of a spouse; and engage in difficult conversations with your spouse about money. Many women shrug off questions about money by saying that their spouses are smart and must have a well thought out plan that will meet their needs. But being smart is different than being wise, and women need to take charge of the future by Planning for When.


Publication Date
Mar 9, 2016
Business & Economics
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By (author): Kevin W. Pinkley AIFA®, CDFA™, CIMA®



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