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Know Your Essence

Being Your Supreme Self Identity Expression

ByKhalif Ibere

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Who or what, is ruling your life! Recognize that the last statement was not a question, it is a statement of fact. Who or what, is ruling your life! Think about that for a moment. When you are faced with making a decision, can you identify what influences your final act of choosing one alternative or another? Ruling or governing your own life requires having a standard – code to live by – or guide that supports fulfilling “something”. Your standard provides you the ability to keep foreign thoughts, desires, and pursuits from taking over your life. The “something” – that rules your life – needs to be substantial, motivating, worthwhile in and of itself, and able to demand your time, energy, and effort. Where are you with that? Do you currently live by a standard that supports unwanted outcomes such as poor relationships? Are you being ruled by negative emotions, protecting your self-esteem in an unhealthy way, poverty of spirit, or your attempt to fill a void through things you know are not sustainable? What is that substantial something that is able to rule your life and support sustainable success and fulfillment? It is time to rule your existence, govern your actions, and know your essence. You must know who and what you are according to your place in existence. To receive the gifts that are your inheritance, you must know what you are striving to activate. Your essence is the source of existence, it is an aspect of the grand architect of the universe. You are the source of existence but on your human level, for all things are the all expanding existence. Let that sink in. Let that wrestle with your past learning. Now, recognize intellectually that outside of the all expanding existence, it does not exist. Your conscious and conscience serves a purpose, and that purpose is substantial to your existence. For instance, in existence you can create and creating naturally serves the purpose of growing. You may create a process to get more customers. The purpose served is to grow a system that attracts more customers. Creating the process does not automatically lead to growing more relationships with your product or service. You would need to identify the rules of existence that support building relationships with other humans for the purpose of marriage, selling, friendship, or better community engagement. You must know your essence and the rules that govern success, better performance, and better living. Are you ready for sustainable success in your life?


Publication Date
Aug 27, 2021
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Khalif Ibere


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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