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Before After The Accidental Dietitian

ByKhawar Khan

This is the Success Story of a Person Who Lost his Weight and fought mental illness after weight loss he made a video on YouTube related to his weight loss. after some time his video gained many views compared to his other videos of different topics. so he decided to make more such videos on the topic but he had a habit that he would not share anything that wouldn't help people or any fake thing so to make every single video he had to research a lot and as time passes he became a successful YouTuber and a Dietitian Accidently who is now helping people makes their lives better I Don’t Know how to label this book an autobiography or a weight loss guide book, but one thing for sure is clear that whoever will read this book will change his/her life and learn how to fight for themselves no matter what. this is Khawar Khan, Author of this book, a severe illness survivor (I will share in Chapter 3), and a successful Fitness Youtuber with 160k Subscribers together with hundreds of weight loss videos and diet plans.


Publication Date
Jan 26, 2021
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Original author: Khawar Khan



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