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Optima Poker Trainer

A Proprietary Algorithm & Mobile App To Teach Game Theory Optimal Exploitative Poker Strategy

ByKia Hamadani

Take your Texas Hold'em Poker skills to the next level with the Optima Poker Trainer INTEGRATED BOOK & FREE MOBILE APP! We have combined "Game Theory Optimal" (GTO) poker strategy & "Exploitative" poker strategy with a proprietary 12-step algorithm. This revolutionary algorithm can determine and explain the most optimal decisions from ANY possible hand of poker, and against ANY unique opponent. The integrated FREE MOBILE APP provides an opportunity to learn the Game Theory Optimal Exploitative (GTOX) strategy while enjoying the rush of PLAYING REAL POKER! We’re talking about playing genuine multiplayer poker with TRILLIONS of completely random possible hands to learn from, not just limited predetermined scenarios like all those other poker training apps that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The Optima Poker Trainer book and integrated mobile app also include the following 3 customizable features, with corresponding adjustments to the GTOX algorithm for each feature: 1. "Number of Opponents" 2. "Opponent Types" 3. "Chip Stack Sizes." FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, THE MOBILE APP IS NOW AVAILABLE WITH NO IN-APP PURCHASES REQUIRED, NO ADVERTISEMENTS, AND NO USER DATA COLLECTION! For detailed specifications and instructions about the 12-step GTOX algorithm, order the INTEGRATED PAPERBACK BOOK through our secure website for a discounted price of just $19.95 + shipping (No tax, shipping cost is $3.95 to anywhere in the United States). The E-Book is available through for just $9.99. For delivery of paperback book to outside the U.S. please order through Amazon. For more info or to watch our video demo, visit us online at


Publication Date
Jul 22, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kia Hamadani



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